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PP: Autumn

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My kids love visiting the park. Our most frequent visited park here in Seoul is the Olympic Park. They love playing ball, flying the kite, walking the dog, bubble play, picnic etc. Whatever you can enjoy outdoor, you can do it at the park. Its a really huge park with lots of play and picnic area. Let’s not also forget the bicycles for rental. They have 2-wheel bicycles, tandems and even four or six seater bicycles.

Usually I would pack snacks in a recyclable shopping bag. I have since been looking for a proper picnic basket. We can make going to park easier by carrying a picnic backpack rather than a basket. The kids can also use it for their group picnic outing with their friends. Since the kids will be having play dates this Saturday with their friends, I think its a great idea that both of us have a romantic picnic in the park. 🙂

Looking at the picture above .. nicely trimmed grass, dry but windy atmosphere and the smell of autumn air, wouldn’t you like to go for a picnic, too?


PP: Its about time

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We have been staying in our house for the pass 6 years. The amount of interests we have paid adds up to some huge amount. So, we have thought of VA Streamline Refinancing. With the amount of money spent on interest, we can probably buy another plot of land! If we choose this option, we can save up to 2 months of monthly instalments.

On the other hand, we want a faster way to reduce our interest charge. So maybe FHA Streamline Refinance is a better choice for us. The whole process only takes up to 25 days. On Monday, we’d better fill up and submit the DD214 form before its too late!

PP: The Unexpectant

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Sometimes when the least you expect something like death to happen – when it does happen, it brings a blow to you. Everything would be running speed fast and you will not have time to think. I had a dear uncle who passed away two years ago due to a by-pass surgery. No one had expected this to happen. All came to a still – no one was prepared for this. Of course no one had thought of getting the senior life insurance policy.

My uncle, he was like a father to me. We were all so close and the death really shocked me. The amount my aunt had paid for the medical fees due to the surgery was a hefty lot. And now to think about the funeral costs would be unbearable. If only they knew, then they could get some final expense insurance rates to lessen their burden.

Life is just too short and unpredictable. No one will know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Though this may be a hard topic to discuss, to alleviate  the financial burden, this is one of the many insurance types that you will have to think about.

measuring himself

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Kids do the darnest things! While shopping for some groceries, my dear Son saw this measuring tape sticking on the shelving unit. The purpose for that was to have a rough estimate of the electrical cord measurement. He lay down and measured himself. LOL. The best thing is he asked me “Mommy, see how tall am I”. That was a really great idea Son! He was such a comic. Princess and I had a good 30mins laugh. He may be naughty at times but sometimes he’s really comical.

New to Rok

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10th September 2010
The kids just started school today. The woke up pretty early – really excited on their first day. New friends to meet, new teachers and new curriculum didn’t make them anxious at all. Its a good start I suppose. Looked so smart in their uniform. 🙂 They had their breakfast and was ready by 7am. Too early – especially when the bus don’t arrive till 8am at least. Since they had some time to kill, they watch a little Playhouse Disney and before you know it, its time to go. Its autumn and morning breeze was a little chilly. I’m sure its nothing compare to winter!!

New to everything – the people and the culture. More challenges to overcome in the future and we will be prepared!

Relocation – The good or the bad?

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This would be a really backdated post.

When we heard the news of hubby’s relocating to Seoul for work quite some time back. But the fact that he’s got to go over there to start his work somehow come as a sudden – 2 month or less from actual date. It was a rush for us, too. We had to go over for a look-see to decide on the house and school. We spent a total of five days. The beauty of this is that we get to go on a business class, stay in a 5-star hotel and all food expenses paid-for. Who could ask for more. LOL. Our flight was midnight. By the time we arrived in Seoul, it was at 7am and the poor kids looked so tired. We were picked up by a limo to the hotel and the rests of the days in a chauffeured-driven limo accompanied by consultants of the relocation service company. But these days have been quite hectic for us. We’ve seen God knows how many houses .. I think almost 10 houses altogether and visited 3 schools. We have already decided on the school and the kids sat for the entrance examination. At the end of our trip, we finally decided on the house.

Had dinner at my Mom’s place and now for some snacks at the Golden Lounge.

Time for boarding in the plane. Poor kids – looked so sleepy.

This is where we were staying. Nice facilities and nice view.

Our first Korean BBQ – totally original!

Poor Princess had a huge bump on the head while viewing a house. Somehow, she didn’t see the glass door and went straight into it. Ouch! My heart broke when I saw that. Luckily the glass door was sturdy and didn’t break.

After lunch, we saw this restaurant selling Puffer Fish aka Blowfish – a supposedly known delicacy that’s poisonous if not prepared carefully. This is something that I will never try!

We stopped-by at Costco, a wholesaler chain from the US that sells at wholesaler price. This is a funny looking fish with one-sided face. I wonder how will they swim?!!?!

At dinner-time, we decided to have buffet at the hotel cos all of us had a nap in the room. By the time we woke up, it was too late to go out. Boy loved the scallops so much he ate a whole plate of it!

RM30 OJ!

Korean Art & Craft: Boats made from leaves. Done by one of the nice ladies from the relocator company to entertain the kids.

Namsangol Traditional Houses: The kids were complaining of the heat and reluctant to take pictures but I managed to ‘make’ them take a few with some bribes and threats. LOL.

At the hotel entrance.

Had room service cos hubby had dinner with the boss at the hotel restaurant.

Time to go home – we’ll be back!

Boy was so tired cos the night he didn’t sleep much. This naughty fella used the nds stylus to dig his ear and complained afterwards. We had to rush him to the hospital but turned out ok. No infection – just inflamed! Thank goodness. I’m sure after this lesson, he will never ever put anything into his ear – EVER!

To sum up – the good or the bad? Hard to tell at this moment. You tell me. 🙂

Just videos

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Mid-Year School Break

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*backdated post*

18 June – 20 June 2010

This year’s mid-term break, we went to Lake Kenyir with the family. To save some cash, we decided to drive there and it took us almost a whole day. It was further than we expected. We left home at 8 plus in the morning and arrived at almost 6pm. It was already too late to do anything. We settled and went for a buffet dinner at the hotel coffee house. It was packed and there were not much food left – not forgetting the flies that are really eager to share our food!

The journey took so long. He was really tired and gone to slumberland.

Arrival at the lobby.

Our room.

We woke up early the next morning, had breakfast and swam at the pool. For lunch, Mom and Sis went driving to look for food. In the evening, we went for a boat ride and stopped on an island. It was the kids’ first boat ride. Princess was terrified of the boat ride and cried. We consoled her and finally she was calmed but I can tell by her face that she was worried. Poor girl! It was a long 30 mins to and fro from the island. We had buffet dinner at the hotel coffee house and this time the flies weren’t that bad compared to the night before. The kids had a good time torturing the flies that landed in the glass of water which I find totally gross. Today is also hubby’s birthday and it was really nice of the hotel to gave a complimentary cake. Blew candles, cut the cake and sat at the lounge listening to some music, We borrowed board games and played foosball.

Princess’s birthday card to Hubby.

The island we stopped-by.

The next day, we checked out and had lunch at Kemaman. Hmm .. best meal we had ever had in the pass few days in Terengganu. If you ask me whether I would go Lake Kenyir in the future or not – my answer would be … yes – but next time I will take a PLANE!!!!!

Cayden’s fav kor-kor, Darien.

The kids on the golf buggy at the hotel entrance.

Princess’s Recent Development

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1st November 2010
She’s got her first permanent. I can’t say this is the exact date that she’s got it but its the date that I’ve discovered it. I didn’t actually see it growing until she highlighted to me. She didn’t have any loose tooth at all. Just a new one sprouting out. Guess the baby one have to be taken out by the doctor!

It has actually grown out quite a lot. Hope it doesn’t affect the alignment of the teeth.

10th December 2010
A few weeks ago, Boy was the “Star Of The Week” for his class. Princess had been complaining and mourning about why she didn’t get it. And finally this date she received one! She was so excited. And we are all very proud of her.

Special Award for the boy

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Since he started school here, he’s been having fights with kids in school. Some kids I must say are not in the best angelic behaviour but this son of mine likes to play Police and hit on them that I have repeatedly tell him that he’s not in the position to do that. If he has any problems, he is to go to the teacher to voice out his dissatisfaction. This had been going on for almost a month. The class teacher thought it was an adjustment period but it seemed to be his habit. He doesn’t do it at home but I have known that its common that the kids do that at his previous daycare. It has been like a disease that’s stuck on to him for years. Probably, he’s been blamed for crimes that he didn’t commit. So he felt defiant and self-defensive. Anyway, its been going on for a month and the teacher decided to have a reward system for him. One thing good about him is that he loves stickers. The stickers work wonders and before we know it, he’s turned into a new leaf! Good job Teacher! Good job Son! When all his charts were filled-up with stickers and the teacher was clear that his bad behaviour is long gone, he’s got the Special Award from the teacher. He was so proud of himself and so were we!! Keep it up Son!

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